Will I sleep well in the Ice Hotel?

Yes.  On arrival you will have a guided tour of the Ice Hotel and the team at the Ice Hotel will help explain how to sleep well during the night.  It is very comfortable and you will be surprised at how well you actually sleep.

Who do I speak to at your office?

We are a small team and so simply call our office on the number at the top of this page or email vip@rbcollection.com.  Our team are trained on the Ice Hotel in Sweden and have been selling it for many years. We are lucky to have members of the team who have visited it for themselves and so if you do want to speak to someone who has been just ask!

Where is the Ice Hotel and how do I get there?

Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel is located on the banks of the Torne River 200 km north of the Arctic Circle near the little village of Jukkasjärvi.  The Ice Hotel is just 12 km from Kiruna airport and 17 km from Kiruna train station.  We can offer flights from the UK via Stockholm with both SAS and Norwegian airlines from London.  Flights from other regional airlines may be available but may involve more changes.  On arrival, you will be met and transferred to the Ice Hotel from Kiruna airport.

Where do I keep my luggage when I sleep in the Ice Hotel?

When you sleep in the Ice Hotel, only the Art Suite’s and above come with a lockable door (all warm accommodations are lockable).  This may sound a bit strange, but it is a very special hotel. Your luggage may be left in special luggage compartments when you sleep in the Ice Hotel, where there are lockers. Your warm and cosy sleeping bag is collected in a warm facility, where you also change clothes.

When does the Ice Hotel close?

The seasonable building made of ice at the Ice Hotel closes around the end of April.  If you want to take part in the winter activities we recommend visiting between December and the end of March. There is also now a year-round  Ice Hotel 365 building enabling you to sleep on Ice at anytime of the year. Activities/excursions vary throughout the year and we can advise accordingly.

When does Sweden’s Ice Hotel open for the winter?

The Ice Hotel’s seasonal ice building opens around the middle of December. Construction continues though December until the New Year, weather dependent. It is open until early Spring. The new Ice Hotel 365 building is open year-round meaning you can sleep in one of the special rooms made of ice even in the summer! Activities and excursions vary throughout the year and we can advise you accordingly.

When do I have to pay and how can I pay?

If you holiday is within 12 weeks of departure you will be required to pay the full amount at the time of booking.  If outside of 12 weeks of departure we will require a deposit which can vary from booking to booking.  You will then be required to pay the balance of your account 12 weeks before you travel, the actual date and amount will be provided to you on your paperwork.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

Once you have booked with us we will send you a copy of our exclusive ‘Ice Hotel Dossier’ written by our resident Ice Hotel experts.  This includes details of what to take with you and what to expect when you are there.  The Ice Hotel will provide warm outer clothing to all guests but you will also need to organise other warm clothing and we can advise you what’s best.

What if something goes wrong?

We will provide you with a 24 hour emergency helpline should you require any assistance.

What do I need to book?

We will require all names of the passengers as per your passports along with a lead passengers address, phone number (including mobile for emergencies).  We will also require your passport details but this can be taken care of a later date.  We will also require a form of payment and time for us to run through all of the details with you.

What are the toilet facilities at the Ice Hotel?

There are (believe it or not) warm, ordinary toilets at the Ice Hotel. These are in a small house which is incorporated into the Ice Hotel construction so you can step directly through a door from the Ice Hotel into the warm and comfortable ladies’ and gents’ rooms.  There are no en-suite facilities for any of the rooms in the Ice Hotel, however all warm accommodation comes with en-suite bathrooms.

Is the restaurant made of ice?

No – guests are thawed during meals!  In Jukkasjärvi there are 2 restaurants: the Ice Hotel Restaurant is about 100 metres from the Ice Hotel and serves Laplandic Gourmet foods with raw materials, on plates of ice from the Torne River if you wish. The other restaurant, The Old Homestead Restaurant offers and experience of Tornedalen and Sami Culture.  Our Ice Hotel experts have eaten in both restaurants and can offer advice on what to expect when you have booked with us to the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Is the hotel always the same each winter?

No, not at all.  New artists work on the Ice Hotel each year to create different themes and architecture.

Is my holiday financially protected?

Yes. All of the holidays we arrange to the Ice Hotel in Sweden are covered by your tour operators ATOL license for your financial protection.  Each holiday is tailor made by our awards-winning travel experts for each client and so the full details of who is operating your holiday to the Ice Hotel will be provided to you at the time of booking along with your ATOL certificate. IceHotels.co.uk is a trading name of RB Collection Ltd, we have been in the travel industry for nearly 30 years and our family have been in the travel trade since 1936 and so you are in good hands.  We are members of ABTA (79652) as well as AITO Specialist Travel Agents.  We highly recommend you take out suitable travel insurance from the date of booking your holiday, please ensure this covers you for the activities you plan to undertake.

How many nights do most people stay for?

There are also ‘warm’ accommodations at Sweden’s Ice Hotel and with an array of exciting activities on offer we recommend at least 3 nights, 1 of these sleeping in ice.  Our Ice Hotel experts are on hand to offer first hand knowledge and independent advice on what would be best for you based on your interests and requirements.

How dark is it in winter?

This can vary depending in the time of year.  The snow reflects as much light as there is.  It is the perfect place for star-faxing or seeking out the Northern Lights as there is very little light pollution. The sun tends to return one week into January where there is 1 more hour of daylight each day and each week until the midnight sun at the end of May.

How big is the Ice Hotel?

There are now two sections to Sweden’s Ice Hotel. The original building made of ice varies in size from season to season as it has to be re-built every year after it melts in the spring.  The number of rooms to therefore vary a little but it does tend to span over 4,000 m2.  They have around 85 rooms of different designs and sizes. Invited artists decorate each suite, we highly recommend booking an Ice Room as a minimum and to upgrade to an Art Suite if you are able to.  The new year-round building (Ice Hotel 365) is home to a selection of Art Suites also.

Do you offer a gift list service?

Yes – we do this all the time for wedding couples of example and it is a great way to help pay for current or future holidays.  Do ask us for more details.

Do I need to book in advance?

Definitely. Peak times such as Christmas, New Year, Valentines and most Fridays and Saturdays may be fully booked several months before the winter season starts, so if you wish to visit for a weekend, we do ask you to please contact us as far in advance as possible.  It is generally easier to book during the week and a reduced price can sometimes be offered for departures between Mondays and Wednesdays.  We can also take advance registrations far in advance and so please do contact as early as you are considering visiting. 

Can I book holidays to the Ice Hotel as a surprise?

Absolutely!  It is a great surprise gift and have a number of clients every year who arrange surprise trips.  Please do ensure we are notified of this and we can communicate with you in your preferred method.

Are the bedrooms below zero temperature?

Yes!  The Ice Hotel bedrooms and communal areas are around -5 degrees Celsius.  If outdoor temperature falls below -30, then it may be -8 inside.

Who runs IceHotels.co.uk?

We are a trading name of RB Collection Ltd, an award-winning family owned and operated travel agency based in Lichfield, Staffordshire.  For more about our company and our award-winning team of travel experts click here.