What to pack for the ICEHOTEL

13.10.14 - By Oliver

One of the most commonly asked questions from our clients is ‘What do I pack!’  One of our resident Ice Hotel experts offers her top tips and advice…

Every client who books with us is issued with our very own exclusive ‘Ice Hotel Dossier’ packaged with hints and tips to help you plan

Our Top 5 Tips for packing for the Ice Hotel…

1) Thermal underwear – long johns and a long sleeved thermal vest– a must for your night spent sleeping on ice!  A lot of people think that you sleep in your clothes when you spend your night in the Icehotel – in fact, a long sleeved thermal vest, a pair of long johns, a hat and thermal socks are all you need.  A thick sleeping bag with a thermal inner liner will be provided to you by the Icehotel.

2) Plenty of batteries for your camera – they run out very quickly in the freezing temperatures, so it’s a good idea to keep spares somewhere warm (even in an inner pocket)….there are far too many photo opportunities you could miss out on otherwise!

3) Layers, layers, layers!  Layering up your clothing is a good way to keep warm, and it’s easy to take one or two garments off if you become too hot.  Cotton clothing is perfect for layering, and I also found micro fleeces to be particularly warm.

4) A good hat, thermal socks and gloves – ones with a thermal inner liner are best as they keep your hands extra warm.  I personally took long mittens which had a thermal inner liner, and came up to the elbow.  They had a drawstring cord which could be tightened to prevent snow getting inside.

5) A balaclava – this will come in extremely useful when on your excursions as it will not slip from your face.  I made the mistake on my first excursion of thinking a scarf wrapped around my face would be OK.  This wasn’t the case as it constantly fell off!  A balaclava may not be the height of fashion but believe me, it is a must have at the Icehotel!