Art Suite 365 – Dancers in the Dark. Design Tjåsa Gusfors & Patrick Dallard. Photo Asaf Kliger Photograph by: Asaf Kliger


05.10.17 - By Oliver

1) Be flexible: The hotel sells out well in advance, especially for Christmas, New Year, Valentines and February half term. The more flexible you can be on your departure date the better chance of getting value for money and availability

2) Just go with it: When I visited I did feel a little out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t the typical holiday we would choose and so we just had to go with it.  However, looking back now it was one of the most memorable trips of my life!

3) Pre-book your activities: We have a variety of packages to choose from, but all the holidays can be tailor made. There are a lot of activities and excursions so I like to discuss your personal interests with you and can then advise accordingly. They do fill up though early so I don’t suggest you leave it to the last minute to book them.

4) Upgrade to an Art Suite-:It isn’t going to be the cheapest holiday you ever book, so in the grand scheme of things a little extra is worth it and will go a long way. For example, when upgrading from an Ice Room to an Art Suite. The latter are all individually designed and every suite is amazing in its own right! Note that the year-round building only houses Art Suites as a minimum.

5). Get to know your camera: Due to the cold temperatures it can be tricky to get that perfect photo. Invest in some camera classes and get to know your equipment before you go. Or, book onto the Northern Lights Photography tour when you are there for local expert advice.