icehotel-365-summer-sketch Photograph by: Pin Pin Studio

ICEHOTEL 365 begins construction…

17.06.16 - By Oliver

Yes it’s true – Sweden’s famous ICEHOTEL will be open ALL YEAR ROUND from November 2016. The new permanent building will feature an ice gallery, ice bar and a selection of uniquely designed and expertly crafted Art Suites. Special summer activities such as boat trips and fishing will be offered all under the Midnight Sun!

“We’ll simply be better positioned to meet market demand for both the midnight sun and the northern lights, so we can attract visitors to summer and winter activities north of the Arctic Circle,” says Yngve Bergqvist, founder and creator of Icehotel and Icehotel 365.

Ice and snow from the Thorner River will be used in the new 2,100 square metre facility. The new building will not only house the Art Suites 365 but also a selection of special luxury suites with their own sauna and bathroom. Traditional building methods have been used for the new building which has an  elegant design to reflect its natural surroundings.

Solar energy will be used to keep the building cool at around -5°C (23°F) year round. The sun remains above the horizon for 100 consecutive days in the summer at the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi.

“According to our calculations, Icehotel will reduce its total energy requirements. This is because our solar cells take advantage of the nearly continuous daylight during the summer months. Consequently we’ll be able to produce roughly 75 kilowatts from April to September, which gives us an energy surplus that we can use to run our existing buildings, like our restaurants, offices and warm rooms,” says Yngve Bergqvist.

The ICEHOTEL will be the largest permanent art exhibition north of Stockholm in Sweden once ICEHOTEL is completed in November.

The original ICEHOTEL building will continue to be rebuilt year and will house the Art Suites and Ice Rooms.

“Ice has an interesting effect on creativity. Since it’s not a permanent material, people aren’t afraid of testing ideas they otherwise wouldn’t dare to test. It’ll be exciting, a project that challenges the impermanent, at the same time as it places this in contrast to the permanent,” says Arne Bergh, creative advisor at Icehotel.