An Ice Hotel proposal…did she say yes???

28.01.15 - By Oliver

A few months before Christmas, I received a call from a client who had an exciting idea to take his loved one to Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel in order to pop the question.  Many weeks of careful planning later and a lot of reassurance to a nervous client and we received a wonderful email with some great news too!…


Dear Oliver,

Rob and I would both like to say a big thank you to you and your team for helping Rob plan our trip to the Ice Hotel at Christmas.  We had a fabulous time and one which we will remember for the rest of our lives.  A large part of that we owe to you.

Thank you as well for being on hand to answer emails at the weekend when we were delayed in Norway.  At the time we were a little worried about some of our connections but everything worked out well in the end and looking back now they pail into insignificance when compared with the magnitude of the beauty of the IceHotel and the adventures we had whilst we were there.

The excursions booked were the perfect accompaniment to the holiday especially after spending the night at -5 degrees in our own ice room and Rob being finally able to relax after several months of secretive planning.  We loved it all.

We would definitely recommend this destination and RB Collection to our friends and family who are planning a holiday in the future.

Great service from this specialist premium holiday company.  Oliver was very helpful and quick to reply to any query. All employees were great and helpful at all times.  Thanks!

Rob & Charlotte
PS – She said yes!


 Congratulations to both Rob & Charlotte on their engagement and many thanks for your kind words.  The Ice Hotel is such a very special place and we wish you a very happy future together.