Berry_Sweden_Dec17 Photograph by: Mrs Berry, December 2017

First 2017/2018 clients return with glowing reviews!

04.01.18 - By Oliver

It is always an exciting time of year for us when we receive feedback from clients who stay at Sweden Ice Hotel after the main winter season starts in December. We are over the moon to once again receive wonderful reviews from our clients who were amongst the first to experience the Ice Hotel.

The photo above was sent in from Mrs Berry and was taken during the Husky Dog excursion when she stayed at the Ice Hotel in Sweden before Christmas.


Here are some of the great comments we have received…

‘No question was too silly for them. Dealt promptly and efficiently with all my issues. Very helpful suggestions for trip…everything went like clockwork-flights/ hotels/ transfers. Thanks again for helping me keep it a secret for nearly a year from my husband. A unique experience at the Ice Hotel. Beautiful scenery, good food and service and a brilliant nights sleep on our Ice bed! Very efficient and professional service. We had a wonderful trip to the Ice Hotel in Sweden which went without a hitch Thanks again for all your help.’
Mrs Berry, December 2017


Good service and hassle free. Oliver was outstanding v helpful and always responded to my enquiries. Also this was surprise holiday and no errors made re sending info etc. Good customer service, knowledgeable and helpful staff.
Mrs Foot, December 2017


Fab holiday due to a great team who booked our requirements to the T! Seamless travel arrangements, all the excursions were planned perfectly. Felt looked after not just a number. A fun holiday!! Ice Hotel is great – if you can afford it and are staying in the 360 then book the deluxe – the en-suite is a must! Seamless travel changes and experience. All the connections were great. Great support from team about rooms, accommodation etc, very personal!!
Mrs Watson, December 2017


Many thanks to all our clients who continue to send us in reports from their trips. You can read more on our testimonial page here.