Another satisfied customer

11.02.15 - By Oliver

We get very excited when clients return and send in their comments to us.  We feature some clips on our Testimonial page here, but others deserve a little more space on our website and we thought we should share this one with you from Mr & Mrs Payne…

Since turning 30 I knew my 40th was going to merit something special and despite being a July baby I wanted to go to the ice hotel. So 6 months later we went, and “something special” is an understatement, it was amazing. From the moment we stepped off the plane at Kiruna into -14 snow I had the holiday of my dreams. The journey from the airport is picturesque and sets you up for next few days. We may have only had three nights away, but as we spent the first night in an ice suite, the second day with huskies and on snowmobile searching the Northern lights, and the third night in Stockholm, I think we squeezed a lot in. Add in a drink in the ice bar and the most amazing ice art gallery and you have the perfect holiday. My highlights? Sleeping so well in -5  they struggled to wake me up in the ice hotel, doing a snow angel in deep snow on a frozen river and everything on the husky sleigh ride (particularly stacking it into deep snow on a corner!). My tip, wear layers!


Ice church k

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