Example of an Art Suite at Sweden's Ice Hotel. Photograph by: Paulina Holmgren

ICEHOTEL – Art Suite / Art Suite 365

Each Art Suite is individually designed by handpicked artists from far and wide. They are more spacious than the Ice and Snow rooms and are definitely worth the upgrade cost.

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ICEHOTEL – Deluxe Ice Suite

The top suite in the ICEHOTEL, these are perfect for a special occasion. Featuring a large bed and seating area made of ice and snow. They also feature an ensuite toilet and sauna. Perfect for a romantic getaway!

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Larger than the Snow Rooms, Ice Rooms feature their own pieces of Ice furniture.

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Ice Hotel Nordic Hotel Chalet Photograph by: Johan Broberg

ICEHOTEL – Nordic Chalet

These chalets sleep one to four people.

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Ice Hotel Kaamos Hotel Room Photograph by: Johan Broberg

ICEHOTEL – Kaamos Room

These rooms are bright and airy, with a modern Scandinavian feel.

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ICEHOTEL – Arctic Chalet

This chalet sleeps one to three people and includes two bedrooms (one double and one single).

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Enoks, Sweden

Enoks Wilderness Cabins

Enoks Wilderness Cabins are on the frozen shores of Lake Láddjujávri and 4 cabins have been built alongside the iconic, award-winning Sami-themed mountain restaurant.

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