making-of-icehotel-sweden Photograph by: Asik Kliger

32 Ice Artists create this year’s ICEHOTEL

10.08.21 - By Oliver

The Icehotel has opened its doors for the season and the planning of this year’s winter hotel is in full swing. Out of a total of 59 applicants from 13 different countries, 32 artists have now been selected to create the hotel.

In parallel with Icehotel 31 melting and returning to its origins in Torne River, the jury, led by the hotel’s creative director, Luca Roncoroni, has selected the 16 artist teams that will have the opportunity to create their art in this season’s Icehotel.

When the first snow has fallen the artists will come up to Jukkasjärvi. Together with the production and construction crew, they will build a 2,870 m2 seasonal hotel consisting of 12 art suites, 24 ice rooms and 1 ceremonial hall. Three teams will create suites inside the hotel’s year-round building, Icehotel 365.

We are very excited to be working with some of our most talented artists, and also to welcome a few new ones, continuing to expand the big creative family gathering in Jukkasjärvi. At Icehotel 32, guests will be able to experience playful rooms, challenge their perception of reality, jump back in time and even feel the power of moving snow and ice. Once again, it will be a remarkable Icehotel, and we can’t wait to start building it.


Like last year, one of the teams will be kept secret for the time being as this is a special collaboration for one of the suites in 365. This collaboration will be presented in August 2021