2017 / 2018 Season ICEHOTEL designs are in!

24.08.17 - By Oliver

Every winter when the snow has set on the ground, a new Icehotel is created on the riverbank in Jukkasjärvi. This year, 26 artists from 11 countries together with the lightning team, ice production, building team and art support will create the 28th rendition of Icehotel that will open December 15.

Go to bed with a huge Fabergé egg by the bedside in the suite ”Last Faberge Egg”, settle in a snail world out of ice and snow in the suite ”Ground Rules” or fall asleep in a hanging installation with total silence in the suite ”Hang in There”. These are three of the art suites in the winter season’s Icehotel.


Selected from hundreds of applications

Amongst this year’s art suites there are also inspiration from space in the suite ”Space Room”, which will be created by Adrian Bois and Pablo Lopez who comes to Jukkasjärvi all the way from Argentina and Ecuador. Lisa Lindqvist from United Kingdom made her first suite at Icehotel last year, and this time she creates the suite ”Wandering Cloud”.


— As soon as I was done with my last suite, I knew I wanted to return. This year’s suite, ”Wandering Cloud” is an art installation who also happens to be a bedroom. As the name suggests, I will create a dreamlike vision to step in to and flow away in, says Lisa Lindqvist.

Out of hundreds of applications, 15 artist teams were selected by a jury consisting of Art & Support leader Luca Roncoroni, the head of light design Olof Lange, the ice production worker Johan Larsson and Arne Bergh, Creative Director at Icehotel, amongst others.

A list of all artists contributing to the creation of Icehotel #28 is presented here.


Sustainable year-round ice experience

Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, is the world’s first and despite competitors, still the most magnificent, according to the British Sunday Times, which ranked the world’s most unforgettable hotel experiences. The amount of snow used to create the hotel rooms are enough to make 700 million snowballs and for the chandeliers alone, a 1,000 hand polished ice crystals.


Building the hotel from the ground up every year demands a lot of work, which starts in March when the hotel harvest around 5,000 ice from Torne River. The ice is then stored in a cold environment until October every year, when the building of Icehotel starts.

A couple of weeks prior to the opening, 26 artists from 11 different countries arrives to Jukkasjärvi to create 15 unique suites out of ice and snow, an ice church and a main hall. The building team, art support team, ice production and a lightning team work together with the artists in the building of Icehotel.


Since 2016, an ice and snow experience with 20 rooms and ice bar is available year-round in Jukkasjärvi, but each year the seasonal part of the hotel is rebuilt.

This season’s Icehotel opens December 15. Welcome!

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