ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjärvi, konstkatalog 2012/2013.

2015/2016 ICEHOTEL details revealed

27.08.15 - By Oliver

We are very excited about the 2015/2016 season at Sweden’s famous ICHOTEL and we can bring you the news of what you can expect.

Each year highly skilled ice artists from around the world submit their designs for the ICEHOTEL to choose from.  When I visited last year for my holiday to the ICEHOTEL in Sweden I was overwhelmed by the amazingly creative way the artists had created the unique Art Suites. They are all VERY different, using shape, light and inspiration from a wide range of courses including music, wildlife, history and art.


For the 2015/2016 season Sweden’s ICEHOTEL will  create 19 hand crafted art suites, each individually themed.  The ICEHOTEL received 130 submissions back in April 2015 for designs and had to choose just 19 from an array of amazing designs.

Whilst the images of the Art Suites at the ICEHOTEL are kept under wraps until their are revealed later in the year, you can read about 18 of them them below…


To plan and book your holiday to Sweden’s famous ICEHOTEL call one of our ICEHOTEL experts on 01543 258631 or email  Our team have visited themselves and are on hand to use their award-winning service to create your trip of a lifetime!

1) Elephant in the Room, AnnaSofia Mååg

Aptly named “Elephant in the Room” is the upcoming suite by sculptor AnnaSofia Mååg (SE), who created the unicorn for our main hall in 2014, and will feature a four meter tall African elephant overlooking the ice framed bed.

2) Hibernate, Wouter Biegelaar and Viktor Tsarski

ICEHOTEL old-timers Viktor Tsarski (BG) and Wouter Biegelaar (NL) are set to create a room appearing to be an old country manor drawing room, draped in fabric as the family has left for the season.

Among their previous work with us is last year’s ICEBAR, and luxury suite Mini Evolution in 2014.

3) Under the Arctic Skin – Rob Harding and Timsam Harding

Father-son duo Rob and Timsam Harding from Spain will make a Mediterranean interpretation of the Arctic, inspired by the way living in a cold climate affects your day-to-day life.

4) Counting Sheep – Luca Roncoroni

This will be Luca Roncoroni’s (IT) first experience of ICEHOTEL, as he is set to create a comforting haven for those a bit anxious to spend a night in sub-zero degrees – they can count sheep till they fall asleep.

5) The Childhood – Ivan Loktyukhin and Vladim Polim

This Russian duo sent in no less than six different suite ideas, and their satirical children’s nursery turned out the winning ticket. The suite will have circular bed at the center of the room, with a giant rabbit teddybear at the far end and a floor-to-ceiling on the opposite side.

6) The Flying Buttress – AnnaKatrin Kraus and Hans Aescht

Sacramento-born, Humboldt State University graduate AnnaKatrin Kraus (USA/DE) and her European peer Hans Aescht (DE) designed The Flying Buttress inspired by the hotel’s iconic catenary ceiling arch. Their plan is to create a forest of Gothic-like ice pillars, cocooning the suite and transforming it into an intimate ice cave.

7) The Power of Love – Sebastian Scheller and Kristina Möckel

Sebastian Scheller and Kristina Möckel (DE) will participate with their idea “The Power of Love”. The suite is “the machine room” of love, as they explain it, with enormous ice pipes and a love barometer that capture the energy in the room and transform it to visions and fantasies.

8) Fractus – Anja Kilian and Wolfgang A Lüchow

Physics has inspired Anja Kilian and Wolfgang A Lüchow’s (DE) suite of molecules and fractals, creating sharp angular shapes in the room. Together with Sebastian Scheller the trio made one of last year’s most popular suites also inspired by the topic of science, the suite was divided by several frames, each tilting against the former by 7.5 degrees.

10) X,Y & Z – Anna Baumgarte and Liubov Moskvina

X,Y & Z by Anna Baumgarte and Liubov Moskvina (DE) interprets the relation between time, space and our experience as a way of imagining places we’ve never seen.

10) Live your time – Jose Carlos Cabello Millán and Javier Alvaro Colombo Matassa

Also drawing on the concept of time is the suite “Live Your Time” by  Jose Carlos Cabello Millán and Javier Alvaro Colombo Matassa’s (ES). Cabello Millán has made several suites at ICEHOTEL and the common thread is his flair for translating love and life into monumental abstract sculptures.

11) Cairn Forest – Annie Hanauer and Matt Chan

Annie Hanauer (USA/UK) and Matt Chan (UK) crafted the idea for their suite from cairns, or ducks as you may know them. Used in open space areas to mark a hiking trail, Hanauer and Chan have adopted their symbolic meaning as signs of a destination, good-will and community between strangers. Their suite design takes the shape of a cairn forest, with ice slabs stacked together, floor to ceiling, forming towers and arches in an icy landscape.

12) Momo’s – Lotta Lampa and Julia Gamborg Nielsen

Drawing inspiration from cultural classics, Lotta Lampa and Julia Gamborg Nielsen (SE) make a fairytale suite derived from Michael Ende’s novel Momo and a comment to the stressful day-to-day lives that we lead today.

13) Cesare’s Wake – Petros Dermatas and Ellie Souti.

“Cesare’s Awake” is an adoption of the 1920’s horror cult film Dr Caligari’s Cabinet by Petros Dermatas and Ellie Souti (GR).

14) Eye Suite – Nicolas Triboulot and Cédric Alizard

Nicolas Triboulot (FR) stayed at ICEHOTEL thirteen years ago and has dreamt of returning ever since. He and Cédric Alizard (FR) will craft a room with a myriad of crystal-like, sharp cut angles, inspired by his favorite material, crystal and the sparkling, pure characteristics it shares with ice.

15) Don’t Say Don’t Cry – Petri Tuominen and Gaby Bulin

Not all tears ar sad. Tears can come from joy, relief or even an eruption or release of pressure that causes rain and snow. Tears are the theme of Petri Tuominen and Gaby Bulin’s (SE) suite.

16) The Labyrinth Saga – Clara Lindencrona and Kristin Borg

The suite “Labyrinth Saga” is an imperial theatre set, as if straight out of the tsar’s 19th century Russia. As you enter the room, you are transported deeper and deeper through the wings of a mystical scenery, carved from enormous blocks of ice and snow.

17) Love Capsule – Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison

Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison (FR) take the best (or worst?) of iconic 1970’s fashion, design and disco lifestyle, fusing into one groovy sleeping experience.

18) Rhythm of the Arctic – Luxury Suite – Shingo Saito and Natsuki Saito

Boreal forest , aurora , ice , snow. Noble and strong expressions, but at the same time delicate and ephemeral. Luxury suite room’s design pick up it’s essence from the arctic nature.

Images shown are of art suites at the ICEHOTEL from previous seasons.

To plan and book your holiday to Sweden’s famous ICEHOTEL call one of our ICEHOTEL experts on 01543 258631 or email  Our team have visited themselves and are on hand to use their award-winning service to create your trip of a lifetime!